By Amy Zavatto |

“Drinks like the Grasshopper don’t disappear,” Paul Gustings says over the phone one recent afternoon. “But they do kind of stay in the background until someone says, ‘Oh, you know what? My parents drank those!’ or, ‘I had one I-don’t-know-how-long ago. I’ll have one now!’ ”

These are almost exactly the words I’d used one monsoon-soaked Sunday afternoon in New Orleans last July, while sitting at the long marble bar at Broussard’s, where Gustings tends his trade.

With one meal left to nab before heading to the airport at the tail end

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by Broussard's | about a month ago

By Gwendolyn Knapp |

All week long, Eater is exploring the best of fine dining, casual and pub burgers in New Orleans.

In honor of Burger Week 2015, Eater NOLA now turns its attention to the best all-around burgers in New Orleans. While the burger heatmap shows the hottest burgers of the moment, it's equally important to recognize the city's burger stalwarts. To do this, we'll break things up into the best fine dining, casual and bar/pub options. First up, the best fine dining burgers in NOLA.

Normally when one thinks about New Orleans fine dining, a burger isn't exactly what springs to mind alongside visions of Trout

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by Broussard's | 1 month ago

By Gwendolyn Knapp |

Shrimp toast, crab croquettas, a tropical-inspired fish of the day, and a Cuban sandwich at brunch? This is a new Broussard's.

A few months ago, Neal Swidler, the chef mastermind who came up through Emeril's ranks and also brought shortlived Asian street food fave Lucky Rooster to the CBD for the Juan's Flying Burrito dynasty, stepped in as executive chef at Broussard's. It was a bit of a chef-shuffle shocker, with Swidler—known for his fun variations on korean fried chicken, bao and more— taking over for uber-traditional French chef Guy Reinbolt, who helped relaunch Broussard's

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by Broussard's | 1 month ago

By David Lee Simmons, | The Times-Picayune

It should shock no one -- New Orleans natives or visitors -- that the city's bar scene is in a constant state of change, and that sometimes it feels like there's a new bar popping up every month. It's not that dynamic a scene, but certainly for visitors it's easy to skip a new bar (especially in the French Quarter) and head straight toward the tried and true.

It makes sense, but we'd be remiss if we didn't remind everyone that even in the historic French Quarter, where bars are institutions, there's always something new to consider. With Mardi Gras fast approaching, you need

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by Broussard's | 3 months ago

By Nora McGunnigle | New Orleans Eater

New Orleans is well known as the birthplace (or at least the torch-bearer) of many drinks, both alcoholic and non. The Sazerac, brandy milk punch, Pimms Cup, Vieux Carre, the French 75, the Hurricane, and of course, the Hand Grenade.

The creation and promotion of these drinks in New Orleans has been finely tuned and honed over time. Iconic bars and restaurants are well known for their versions of the classic drinks. And as cocktail history has become more widely embraced by the new generation of mixologists, more and more bars are seeking to recreate classics invented elsewhere and creating unique cocktails that are

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by Broussard's | 3 months ago

By Gwendolyn Knapp | New Orleans Eater

As Eater's first ever Classics Week kicks off, here now we present the 25 Classic restaurants every New Orleanian must try once. Yes, the Crescent City is a town full of classics, and it's nearly impossible to capture the true essence of its dining landscape and heritage in a scant 25 places alone. So let this be a starting point, the places most locals will agree are essential to the storied history of New Orleans' dining.

Please keep in mind, these are restaurants in Orleans Parish. Because the Greater New Orleans area has so many classics, check back for the best of Jefferson Parish and elsewhere later

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by Broussard's | about 4 months ago

David Lee Simmons, | The Times-Picayune

Cocktail recipes aren't always set in stone. That's one of the things that becomes clear in this video in which three New Orleans bartenders make the city's celebrated Sazerac. The video, a coda for our weeklong series "Through the Whiskey Glass" for our Bar Guide, features three experts: T. Cole Newton (owner, Twelve Mile Limit), Monica Zeringue (Herbstaint Restaurant) and Paul Gustings (Empire Barat Broussard's Restaurant).

There are subtle differences among the professionals. For example, one favors going easy on the bitters (always Peychaud's), while the other two prefer a heavier

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by Broussard's | about 5 months ago

By Beth D'Addono |

Man may not be able to live on bread alone, but add in a dozen grilled oysters, a pecan crusted red fish and bananas foster prepared tableside, and we're getting somewhere.

New Orleans is a city that inspires love, Talk to locals and more often than not, you'll hear a few stories of people who fall in love with New Orleans, and wind up moving here. Like every love affair, there are highs and lows, but in New Orleans, the rich gastronomic landscape is impossible not to adore. With the person you love across the table, sharing quaffs of bubbly, local seafood and pecan-defined desserts is sure to satisfy on multiple

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by Broussard's | 5 months ago

By Elizabeth Pearce | The New Orleans Advocate
Photo by Matthew Mead

Forty-eight New Orleans bartenders. Twenty-four cocktails. Eighteen restaurants. One night.

On Dec. 18, New Orleanians are invited to the House of Blues to attend the ninth annual Tales of the Toddy, showcasing the talented folks working behind our city’s bars.

And in the midst of a season full of holiday treats, this is one night worth making time for.

In Tales of the Toddy, 24 bartending teams of two compete to make the best holiday drink. Additionally, fans can have their say, voting for People’s Choice Awards for best drink and dish.


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by Broussard's | 5 months ago

By Todd A. Price, | Times-Picayune

In August 2013, Broussard's reopened after a complete renovation. The restaurant, founded in 1920, hired two familiar faces: bartender Paul Gustings and manager Chris Ycaza. Now it also has a chef with a local track record: Neal Swidler.

Swidler most recently created the restaurant Lucky Rooster, which closed in September. Before Hurricane Katrina, he was the chef de cuisine at both NOLA and Emeril's Delmonico.

"I came in for dinner, looked at this handsome dining room," Swidler said, "and thought this brings back great memories of Delmonico."

Swidler's first day was Monday (Dec.

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by Broussard's | 5 months ago

by Gwendolyn Knapp | New Orleans Eater

The former Lucky Rooster chef plans to infuse the Grand Dame's menu with some Caribbean flavor and fun.

Well, looky here, an exciting turn of events over at Broussard's, with Todd Price reporting that Neal Swidler, the chef mastermind behind the sadly shuttered Asian street food fave Lucky Rooster, has now stepped IN as executive chef. Swidler takes over for French chef Guy Reinbolt, who helped relaunch the restaurant (and menu) after Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts purchased the restaurant in 2013 and immediately gave it a million-dollar upgrade before reopening. The revamp included the addition swanky

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by Broussard's | 5 months ago

By Foodable Web TV Network

Foodable welcomes New Orleans to our Top 25 restaurant lists this month! A city with arguably the nation's spiciest nightlife, also certainly has a flavorful restaurant scene. With restaurants that aren’t afraid to experiment with their menus, New Orleans has been recognized as one of the cities with the most creative culinary scenes.

So what are the restaurants that consumers can’t stop talking about on social media? The first ever restaurant to make the New Orleans coveted no. 1 placement on our list is Root, with the high social score of 170.88. This month’s top dog is unlike any other restaurant. It features

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by Broussard's | about 7 months ago

by Nora McGunnigle | New Orleans Eater

Local bartending legend Paul Gustings talks to Eater about his transition to the Empire Bar at Broussard's and why he loves what he's been doing for over 30 years.

Welcome to Lifers, a feature in which Eater interviews the men and women who have worked in the restaurant and bar industry for the better part of their lives, sharing their stories and more.

Paul Gustings has probably forgotten more about bartending than the vast majority of those looking to follow in his footsteps will ever know. A longtime local bartender - he put in 20 years at theNapoleon House, and 15 at Tujague's before heading

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by Broussard's | 7 months ago

By Nora McGunnigle | Thrillist

Ever since our greatest scientists discovered a meal between breakfast and lunch, man has looked to the stars and wondered, “Where can I get the best boozy brunch deals in New Orleans?”. Well, wonder no more... because here’s a list of the very best deals you'll find in the city's best brunch spots, broken down by neighborhood. [...]

Broussard’s, French Quarter

The Deal: One of the "grand dames" of Creole cuisine and NOLA dining culture, Broussard’s jazz brunch in a quintessential French Quarter courtyard setting is a great place any Sunday (10:30am-2pm) to enjoy

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by Broussard's | 8 months ago

By Emily Smith | Go NOLA

Living and working in New Orleans means working hard so you can play even harder. But why should weekends have all of the fun? An extensive list of local restaurants offering happy hours — some lasting as late as 7 p.m. and on the weekends, too — are the perfect excuse to gather with co-workers and friends over some early evening priced-just-right bites and drinks. Here are 10 New Orleans restaurants offering excellent happy hours with food and drink options that are light on the price but generous on flavor and fun. [...]


Visit one of New Orleans’ most beautiful French

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by Broussard's | about 9 months ago